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MWRacing can make your vehicle perform for you. We can modify your vehicle to do what you want it to do, instead of what the factory thought was right for you. Remember, they had constraints to build within; you are only limited by your imagination. We can make your vehicle accererate faster, turn better, stop with greater authority or just plain get you the attention you crave from the local Sunday night cruise crowd. From mild to wild, let us know what youd like, and we can make it happen.

We can perform a number of services for you. The short list is below -


We can replace your worn out engine with a factory crate engine, or better yet, a higher performance version of what was already in there. We can also build you an engine that we can tailor to your needs. Ask yourself - What do you want the car to do, and then call us. We can help you get there.


Automatics and Manual Transmissions can be rebuilt and stregthened to take any abuse you throw at them. From the right torque converter selection, (the key to any good drag car) to pressure plates and clutches to getting you through the slalom better, consider us the right people for the job.


Driveshafts are often overlooked when putting more power to the ground than the factory engineers intended. Dont make the mistake of overlooking this safety item. It also takes some expertise to get done right. Don’t chance it.


Full custom exhausts can be made with any choice of muffler you desire. Fully welded systems for that clean hot rod look. Clamps are for novices. We can make the right header selection for you, get the right muffler installed for that perfect sound, and finish it all off with custom stainless tips for the pefect look for your vehicle. From full on race exhausts with dumps, to a subtle setup for the sleeper, bring it to us. We'll hook you up.

Fuel Sytems

Higher performing engines need a fuel system to keep up with the demands that making more power requires. Often overlooked, a properly designed fuel system can save your engine from starving itself right into destruction.

This was never more true than with the recent surge of power adders like nitrous, superchargers and turbos. The adders require a drastic change from your factory designed pump and and filter. Contact us before you find out the hard way.


Having a difficult time hitting the apex of the turn with your stock suspension? Want to turn better lap times all the while increasing the durability, consistentcy, and safety of your corner carver? You autocorssers know exactly what Im talking about. Contact us. We'll get you pionted in the right direction. Strut braces, sway bars, springs, bushings will all work togeter, and across the finish line faster.

Better 60ft times the goal? Air bags and adjustable shocks can help. Ladder bars and lift bars can make things even better, but the key to better 60' times is more than just throwing a bunch of parts at your ride. Drag racing is in our blood, so we know what you’re after. Make a few clicks and talk to us. We'll hook it up.


More overlooked than the fuel system, the brakes in most street cars building any sort of power, are woefully undersized. Safety is the number one concern at all times, and factory brakes do not cut it in most applications. And if you have any sort of large wheel combination, you know nothing looks worse behind them than a factory brake setup.

Why trust all the time and effort in your vehcile to leave it up to factory drums and discs?

Wheels and Tires

Everyone wants a custom set of set of wheels - but you've seen the mistakes. The wheels that dont fill out the wheelwell and look undersized, or worse, the ones that stick out beyond the fender of the car. All types of things can happen if you get the wrong wheel. From imoproper brake cooling, to suspension interference,to being illegal when it comes time for a saftey inspection. Its all a real possibility. Dont leave it to chance. Call us and let us help you make the right choice for you.

Racecraft Wiring

For a machine to run properly, it has to be wired properly. And for it to be wired properly, it has to be thought out an planned like the rest of the project. What accessories do you want? What accessories do you need? Auxiliary lights here? An electric fuel pump there? Perhaps a remote or second battery is necessary to keep up with the demands of your project?? All of this is part of the equation that makes your project unique and something special to you. But you need to understand that a poorly designed wiring layout for your project is not only no fun to operate, but its a potential fire and safety hazard that could end up costing you a lot of money in property damage and downtime, or worse, your life. What good is that safety switch if the vehicle continues to run after you shut it off? Why chance it? Let MW set it up right.


If you've ever painted a piece for you car that saw any type of abuse, you realize how quickly paint doesnt stand up to chemicals or road debris. Dont paint - Powdercoat it! Avaiable in most popular colors, its the right thing to do for most suspension/frame type pieces, or anything that you just want to look good for a long while wile supplying no maintinence.

From autocross to drag racing, to just simply getting to the grocery store faster, MWRacing can help you get the most out of your car. Contact us for ideas on whats feasible given your desires, budget and imagination. You might just realize that what you are looking to do, is within your reach.

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